Accelerating Data-Driven Insights with Data Mesh

Enterprise products and services create an ever-increasing amount of data, which becomes part of every interaction, decision and process in modern organisations. To enable data democratisation and scale efficient data usage enterprise-wide, many teams are turning to data mesh implementations. Adopting a domain-centric approach promises to increase agility and flexibility, while providing value to the whole business.

This white paper, jointly commissioned by Data Reply, Immuta and Starburst, examines the evolution of data architecture patterns, from data warehousing to data lakes, and the current momentum towards a more distributed/federated data mesh architecture.

It covers the current challenges most companies face when relying on data centralisation and disjointed data access control, why these approaches need to change and how a data mesh implementation can help.

Is there a real and well-articulated need to be truly data-driven? Download your free copy of the report to learn about:

  • Making the case for a modern data governance strategy and architecture
  • The evolution of data architectures and the rise of the data mesh
  • Why data mesh has emerged as a preferred alternative to the single source of truth