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As the co-founder and CEO of Immuta, Matthew’s mission is to make the future of data secure. He is known for building and securing scalable data systems, as well as his service and innovation within the U.S. federal government. Matthew is passionate about data policy and the future of risk management.

Matthew Caroll

Topics of interest

Modern Data Stack

Organizations are going through a monumental shift to modernize their data stack in the cloud. Matthew’s vision is to ensure that data security and privacy are integrated into these new systems, with a focus on ensuring easy integration of policy enforcement into modern architectures.

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Zero Trust

The digital world is now so fundamentally insecure that a zero-trust strategy is warranted anywhere computing is taking place — with one exception: data science. It is not yet possible to accept the tenets of zero trust while also enabling data science activities and the AI systems they give rise to.

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Automation & Scalability

Organizations must find better ways to balance often competing requirements for speed and automation with those of data privacy and compliance. In this interview with partner and investor Okta, Matthew discusses his vision for the future and how Immuta is capturing the tailwinds of current market trends.

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About Matthew

Since its founding in 2015, Immuta has quickly become the leader in data security and data access. Through strategic partnerships with best-in-class cloud data platforms, including Snowflake, Databricks, Starburst, AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure, Immuta enables the world’s largest global companies and jurisdictions to protect and share their most sensitive data and tackle complex data access, privacy, and security challenges.

Before co-founding Immuta, Matthew served honorably as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After his military service, Matthew served as CTO of CSC’s Defense Intelligence Group, where he led data fusion and analytics programs, and advised the U.S. Government on data management and analytics issues.

While supporting the U.S. intelligence community, Matthew analyzed some of the world’s most complex data sets and solved challenging data management, analytics and intelligence problems in the field as a forward-deployed engineer.

During that time, he quickly realized the power of data and the need to ensure that it is accessible to only those who need it, for the right reasons, and in the right form. From the U.S. government to popular streaming services, any organization that wants to compete in today’s data-driven world must enable real-time data analysis. However, the major challenge is doing so safely and securely while minimizing complexity and risk. Enter Immuta.

Matthew graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology.

2015 - Present

Immuta, CEO


CSC, CTO, Defense and Intelligence


CSC, GM of 42Six


42Six, Director of Product Management


U.S. Army, Officer

Five years ago, data teams were siloed and focused on helping users find and query more data. But today, data consumers exist across organizations and are going much further — transforming data, collaborating with cross-company teams, and creating new data products, models, and pipelines at a rapid pace. This new era of democratized data use is driving unprecedented adoption of cloud platforms and data exchanges, but the future has to be secure and compliant.

Matthew Carroll

About Immuta

Immuta enables organizations to unlock value from their cloud data by protecting it and providing secure access. The Immuta Data Security Platform provides sensitive data discovery, security and access control, data activity monitoring, and has deep integrations with the leading cloud data platforms. Immuta is now trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world to secure their data. Founded in 2015, Immuta is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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