Product Overview

Data Access Governance

Immuta helps data engineers and DataOps teams automate data governance, security, access control and privacy protection for modern, cloud-native analytics platforms.

Immuta Capabilities

Sensitive Data Discovery

Automate the discovery, classification and tagging of sensitive data so you can reduce risk of leaks, protect privacy, and use more of your data in analytics.

Active Data Catalog

Deliver true, democratized, self-service access to analytics data – even the most sensitive – to accelerate data outcomes and reduce administrative overhead.

Data Access Control

Ensure every data consumer has the right level of access to the right data, without making copies, maintaining complex roles, or hiring additional admins.

Dynamic Data Masking

Remove the guesswork from data privacy protection techniques. Now you can manage access control while ensuring continual compliance with federal, industry, employment and contractual regulations — without copying, moving, or manually anonymizing your data.

Auditing & Reporting

Audit data usage and gather real-time insights with detailed reports in a unified enforcement layer. Now, you can show what data was accessed, by whom, when, and for what purpose.

Immuta Architecture

Immuta integrates seamlessly into your architecture — no matter how complex — to allow consistent and scalable policy enforcement in the cloud, on premise, or with hybrid architectures.

Immuta Enterprise Architecture Graphic

Why Immuta

Proven within the world's most sensitive data environments

Born from a mission within the U.S. intelligence community, Immuta protects some of those sensitive data sets in the world across financial services, insurance, healthcare, consumer technology and more.

Legal and mathematical experts

Immuta has assembled some of the brightest minds in legal engineering and mathematics, who work closely with our product team to simplify data access control and security.

Solving for every stakeholder

Immuta’s platform was designed to connect data supply teams (architecture, engineering, and operations) with data consumption teams (analytics and data science) — shortening time to data and accelerating data-driven business outcomes.

Explore our Data Platform Integrations

Immuta is working with the leaders in cloud data analytics to simplify and automate cloud data governance and access control — helping our joint customers unlock more use cases and business outcomes.

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