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  • North America
  • August 23, 2023
  • 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

The All Access Virtual Tour

The Immuta All Access Tour is going virtual in North America to spotlight the latest trends and innovations in data security, so you can do right with data!

Exclusively for data leaders, the Immuta All Access Tour will give you the opportunity to expand your learning and development with three informative sessions from your peers.

  • JP Morgan Chase: Yarik Chinskiy, Chief Architect, Cloud Data Ecosystem discusses strategies for scaling policies and securing data in a large enterprise, with a focus on flexibility, control, and end-user empowerment.
  • Thomson Reuters: Peter Jacob, VP of Data Lake highlights the importance of automating data access, the challenges faced by Thomson Reuters, and the benefits of using Immuta in their data and analytics transformation journey.
  • Roche: Paul Rankin, Head of Data Management Platforms provides insights into Roche’s journey towards adopting data mesh principles, leveraging tools like Immuta, and transitioning to a decentralized organizational structure for improved analytics capabilities.

Join us live for this virtual experience that will help you remove barriers and accelerate secure data access at scale. Let’s roll!


Yarik Chinskiy

Chief Architect, Cloud Data Ecosystem, JPMorgan Chase

Peter Jacob

Vice President, Data Lake, Thomson Reuters

Paul Rankin

Head of Data Management Platforms, Roche

Wayne Milano

Vice President, Strategic Business, Immuta