Recorded Webinar

Immuta Product Demo

Are you wondering how exactly Immuta works? No-code policy authoring, automated sensitive data tagging and classification, dynamic data masking — the capabilities sound great in theory, but are they really as easy to implement as it seems?

Sam CarrollSolutions Architect, Alliances

Sam Carroll

Solutions Architect, Alliances

Join us for a look inside the Immuta cloud data access control platform, which enables data engineers and architects, data scientists, and governance teams to collaborate on connecting to any data from any tool, and to enforce any regulations — with no coding required.

Who should listen?

  • Data engineers and architects who need to securely connect, manage, and monitor data
  • Governance professionals who need to control their data environment
  • Data scientists who need fast, personalized access to data

What will be included?

  • An overview of the Immuta platform, including how it integrates with other cloud services
  • A demo showing Immuta in action to better understand how key features work