Recorded Webinar

How to Scale Cloud-Based Analytics on Sensitive Data

Ben LumbertPartner Solutions Architect, Starburst

Ben Lumbert

Partner Solutions Architect, Starburst

Naser AliDirector, Product Marketing, Immuta

Naser Ali

Director, Product Marketing, Immuta

Analytics on sensitive data is now a central driver of success for most organizations. In response, data teams are rapidly expanding their cloud data platforms to maximize the value of that sensitive data. As cloud data ecosystems become more diverse, the risk, cost, and complexity multiply with each added platform, delaying time to data access and eroding ROI — the very reasons for adopting these new technologies. 

There are ways to efficiently scale data access and analytics on sensitive data in the cloud. 

Join Starburst and Immuta for a webinar where you will: 

  • Glimpse the future of Data Engineering and DataOps with exclusive insights from a new industry survey.
  • Hear the top three challenges of analytics in a diverse cloud data ecosystem, as reported by data professionals.
  • Learn how to unlock up to 90% more cloud analytics use cases.
  • Get a live look at how you can scale sensitive data analytics in Starburst with Immuta.