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Compliance Week Webinar: GDPR Is Just the Beginning

Dan WuPrivacy Counsel & Legal Engineer

Dan Wu

Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer

Dan Wu is a Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer at Immuta. He holds a J.D. from Harvard University, and is a PhD candidate for Social Policy and Sociology at The Harvard Kennedy School.

Countries that consist of 50% of the world’s GDP have enforced stricter data regulations. Fines from 2 to 4% of a company’s global annual revenue and criminal sanctions are set under the GDPR and in emerging jurisdictions in Asia and Latin America. In the United States, the CCPA and similar bills in state legislatures are building a patchwork of comprehensive laws while Congress is considering federal privacy legislation that may preempt state law. All of these legal trends will be ignored at your peril.

It’s no longer optional to protect your customer’s trust and your customer’s ability to trust you with their data is a key competitive differentiator.

To put you one step ahead of the curve, join Compliance Week for a webinar featuring privacy experts Daniel Wu from Immuta and Reed Freeman from WilmerHale.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn seven legal trends to give you a framework to interpret and prioritize existing and new data regulations
  • Hear about three tools that will help you protect your customer’s data – and trust – by embedding it into the very design of your data operations 
  • Walk away with the next steps you can take to ensure your big data and machine learning programs remain assets, not the PR nightmares of Facebook and Equifax