Recorded Webinar

Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Governance

Dan WuPrivacy Counsel & Legal Engineer

Dan Wu

Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer

Dan Wu is a Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer at Immuta. He holds a J.D. from Harvard University, and is a PhD candidate for Social Policy and Sociology at The Harvard Kennedy School.

Eric KrinerSolutions Architect

Eric Kriner

Solutions Architect

For healthcare organizations, complying with HIPAA is a non-negotiable. But HIPAA’s stringent provisions make it difficult to easily access and use your data while still preserving patient privacy and remaining compliant. 

But there’s a better way. 

Join us for a webinar, led by Immuta’s Daniel Wu, Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer, and Eric Kriner, Global Solutions Architect in which we explore this new approach to enhancing data privacy in healthcare – all while maintaining the utility of data. 

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Gain a strong understanding of the three key provisions of HIPAA 
  • Learn how you can share and use sensitive patient data securely, legally, and automatically
  • Get a firsthand look into Immuta’s Automated Data Governance platform
  • Participate in a live Q&A with our speakers