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Data Governance and Data Security for Cloud Analytics

Steve Touw (CTO, Immuta)Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Steve Touw (CTO, Immuta)

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Steve Touw is the co-founder and CTO of Immuta. He has a long history of designing large-scale geo-temporal analytics across the U.S. intelligence community — including some of the very first Hadoop analytics and frameworks to manage complex multi-tenant data policy controls. Previously, Steve was the CTO of 42Six Solutions (acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation), where he led a large Big Data services engineering team. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Maryland.

Todd GreensteinProduct Manager

Todd Greenstein

Product Manager

While powerful cloud-based analytics brings incredible benefits to data-driven organizations, it comes with the risks of data breaches, noncompliance with data regulations, and unrestricted access to sensitive data.

How do you balance the need to leverage your data effectively while also protecting it and preserving privacy?

Join Databricks and Immuta for a webinar as we explore this common challenge facing data science teams and discuss how this innovative blend of technology can make your team more productive and compliant with secure self-service access to data.

We will discuss how this joint solution helps data teams:

  • Define and enforce fine-grained access control on sensitive data in Databricks
  • Perform compliant data analytics in Databricks using anonymization and de-identification techniques
  • Enable secure collaboration and data availability using automated tagging and data cataloging
  • Ensure compliance with vertical (HIPAA) or horizontal (GDPR, CCPA) regulations and legislature

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Todd Greenstein, Product Manager, Databricks
Steve Touw, CTO & Co-founder, Immuta