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Automated Data Governance 101: A Guide to Proactively Addressing Your Privacy, Security, and Compliance Needs

Andrew BurtChief Legal Officer

Andrew Burt

Chief Legal Officer

Andrew, an internationally recognized expert on data privacy and the intersection of law and AI, leads Immuta’s Legal Engineering team. The team, composed of lawyers with deep expertise in data privacy, security, and data science, focuses on automating compliance and oversight activities within Immuta’s software platform.

Before joining Immuta, Andrew was Special Advisor for Policy to the head of the FBI Cyber Division, where he was the lead author on the FBI’s after action report about the 2014 Sony data breach. Andrew also served as Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for the Cyber Division, overseeing privacy and compliance policies for sensitive data across the FBI’s 56 field offices.

Andrew is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. A published author and former journalist, Andrew holds a J.D. from Yale Law School and a B.A. with first class honors from McGill University.

Matt VogtDirector of Global Solution Architecture

Matt Vogt

Director of Global Solution Architecture

Matt Vogt is the Global Director of Solutions Architecture for Immuta. Matt has over 15 years experience in architecture and engineering in large scale enterprise data center infrastructure. Matt came to Immuta from Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he was a Chief Technologist working with enterprises on their Hybrid Cloud initiatives.

“Data privacy,” “data security,” “data protection” – whatever we call the way we control our data, it isn’t working. Data is as vulnerable as ever. And this is true for both consumers hoping to keep their data safe, and for enterprises seeking to govern their corporate and customer data.

We’re at a crossroads: Governing data and putting data to use are two dueling objectives, and businesses are stuck in the middle.

Can this problem be solved? In a word: yes.

The answer is through what we call automated Data Governance, which introduces speed, agility, and precision into the process of applying rules on data. Join Immuta for a webinar as we explore these Data Governance challenges and discuss how you can proactively address them with automated Data Governance.