Sensitive Data Sharing for Analytics (Strata Presentation)

In this new world order, data collection must come with a corporate responsibility to protect data. Sometimes this is a legal requirement, as in the EU’s data protection regulation (aka GDPR), Russia’s federal law on personal data, and Germany’s Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG), but many times, it’s only a social responsibility, a quite complicated and gray area—it’s all about what you feel is “right.”

While sharing or selling your valuable data can be risky due to data privacy regulations and IP considerations, it can also generate revenue or help nonprofits succeed at world-changing missions. Steve Touw explores real-world examples of how a proper data architecture enables philanthropic missions and offers ideas for how to better share your data.

A well-built governance strategy creates a workflow for the creation of advanced analytics with data privacy at the core of the design. Steve explains why up-front data governance is key; designing models/analytics and then going back to add data privacy controls is much more difficult, sometimes impossible, and always very risky.

This presentation covers:

  • Accessing and sharing highly regulated and sensitive data
  • Understanding data privacy legal regulations and how to address them with technology
  • How to enable data scientists to collaborate and experiment with regulated data