Immuta and Dataiku Partner to Enable Fast, Personalized Access to Data

We recently announced a strategic partnership with Dataiku to give organizations access to highly regulated data while while ensuring 100 percent compliance with corporate and industry regulations like GDPR. Check out the video below for an inside look into our partnership!

Dataiku helps data analysts and teams communicate with data scientists to build better data applications. The Immuta data management platform provides quick access to data, dynamic policy enforcement applied to all data, and an understanding of the risks associated with the use of the data. The companies’ new integrated solution enables customers to deploy machine learning solutions in industries with the most stringent regulations like financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and government.

Data is a huge asset and the incentive for organizations across industries to employ technologies that leverage data as a competitive edge has never been greater. Despite this, many organizations find themselves hamstrung by strict compliance and regulatory laws which are constantly being updated to reflect our rapidly changing environment. According to a recent blog post by Debra Walton, managing director, customer proposition, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters, “The creativity about how to use tools like cloud and Big Data to generate value will always start with business people addressing specific problems or finding interesting new use cases.”

The Immuta, Dataiku partnership solves some of the biggest pain points for data science programs by providing joint customers with rapid, personalized access to all data, while dynamically controlling access and enforcing policies on the data as it’s queried.

For organizations that want to scale their machine learning capabilities to deliver a competitive business advantage, the integrated solution is available now.

For step-by-step tutorials on how to leverage our platforms, check out Parts 1-6 of our demo video series:

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