Unlock Analytics & ML for the Healthcare Industry

Partner with the healthcare industry’s leading automated data security, de-identification and auditing solution to access sensitive healthcare data with continuous, always-on HIPAA-compliant security and data privacy controls for your data platform. Access expertise and trust born out of the US intelligence community with production deployments across the healthcare industry.

Automate Data Security & Privacy Controls

Deliver consistent data-level security and privacy controls across your cloud data platform, without views or copies, to scale HIPAA-compliant access to sensitive data for analytics and data science teams.


Enable Efficient HITRUST or SOC 2 Audit Certification

Easily prove compliant data access with detailed audit logs and reports that show users’ data access levels, intended purposes and query history.


Attribute and Purpose-Based Access Controls

Use centralized attributes to write and scale attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies, including purpose for data use, across hundreds of internal and external roles.


Automate Data Security & Privacy Controls

  • Prepare data for use with starter regulatory policies for HIPAA to automate manual steps
  • Actively enforce fine-grained access controls (row-, column- and cell-level)
  • Apply advanced privacy techniques for de-identification and anonymization with protections from joining datasets
  • Discover and catalog sensitive data, such as ePHI, to dynamically enforce policies

Enable Efficient HITRUST or SOC 2 Audit Certification

  • Create data access policies in plain English that are easy to understand for compliance and legal stakeholders
  • Simplify collaboration with legal resources
  • Access reports and logs to view the purposes for data requests, queries, policy changes and more
  • Get full auditing transparency in data use for HIPAA, FDA, HITRUST or SOC-2

Attribute and Purpose-Based Access Controls

  • Reduce risk from copying data or creating views for different users
  • Adopt modern access controls suitable for the medical domain, unlike traditional role-based approaches
  • Enable authorized data sharing with customers or partners at scale
  • Make policy decisions at query time using centralized attributes, such as clearance level or permitted use

“We needed to expedite our data processing, while also finding a way to dynamically anonymize sensitive information for reporting. We therefore required a solution that could help us enforce data access roles, permissions and policies beyond the standard resource- or table-based control levels.”

Halim Abbas, Chief AI Officer, Cognoa

How Immuta Works?

01 Catalog, tag and understand your data

02 Author access control policies using natural language

03 Rules are dynamically enforced and transparent to notebooks or BI tools

04 Prove compliance in plain english using detailed audit logs at the data-level