Immuta Self-Managed Deployment

For organizations that need complete control and management over their data platforms to satisfy regulatory or internal security requirements, Immuta provides a self-managed deployment option.

For customers who want full control of their cloud environment

Immuta supports self-hosted, self-managed deployments for customers who store their data on-premises or in private clouds. Customers are able to connect their on-premises data sources as well as cloud data platforms that run on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others.

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Benefits of Self-Managed

For customers who want full control, Immuta offers a self-managed deployment option for its universal cloud data access control solution. The solution can be deployed in any environment.


Complete control of all aspects of infrastructure and deployment


Deploy to specific regions based on data sovereignty requirements


Support for hybrid cloud and on-premises data

Comparison Chart

Immuta SaaS has the same features as Immuta self-managed, but our team takes care of the infrastructure maintenance, costs, and software upgrades. Immuta SaaS deployments are hassle-free and can be launched in minutes.

Immuta Self-Managed

Immuta SaaS
Universal Cloud Compatibility
  • Yes
  • Yes
Supported Integrations Cloud + On-Premise Databases and Analytics Platforms Cloud Data & Analytics Platforms: Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Starburst, Azure Synapse, Trino
Attribute-Based Access Control
  • Yes
  • Yes
Policy Enforcement & Auditing
  • Yes
  • Yes
Masking & Anonymization
  • Yes
  • Yes

(Excludes External Masking)

Infrastructure Costs & Maintenance Customer manages Immuta manages
Upgrades Customer manages versions Automatic updates to the latest, greatest version of Immuta
Infrastructure Security Customer responsibility Shared responsibility
Regions Anywhere U.S. and Europe
SIEM Integration Docker Log Driver (see documentation) API
“With this modern data stack, we can make all our data available to all types of business analysts, data scientists and data engineers.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find installation and configuration details?

    You can find this information on our documentation page:
  • Does Immuta copy my data?

    No. Immuta only exposes existing data to enforce policies. Immuta does not make a copy of this data, but creates a virtual reference to the data.
  • How does Immuta protect/encrypt data?

    Immuta encrypts data at rest and data in motion. Learn more about how Immuta processes data on our documentation page:
  • Where can I get pricing information?

    Please contact sales for more information.

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