Immuta projects are controlled workspaces where users can share data and collaborate. When users switch projects, they instantly assume the right permissions and controls.

Compliant Collaboration

Immuta projects are walled gardens for teamwork, protected through a variety of policy enforcement options. When users work under a project, they can collaborate without any worry of accessing data they shouldn’t.

Permission Equalization

With the click of a button you can equalize the permissions of everyone within a project so that no user can see data that the others can’t.

Control Sensitive Data Combinations

Use projects to control how different data sets can be combined, a key source of risk as data is aggregated. Identifiers that are already masked across data sets can be joined and closely monitored. This allows you to protect sensitive data in multiple data sources while still deriving insights.

Show Data Changes Over Time

Capture snapshots of what your data looks like at specific points in time. These summary statistics allow you to understand differences in data over time, and how the policy changes that impact them that may affect output from your projects.

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