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Data Discovery & Classification

Immuta automatically scans cloud data sources, generates standard tagging across multiple compute platforms, and classifies sensitive data such as PII or PHI, so you can eliminate manual, error-prone processes and have full visibility into all of your data.

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Our Value

Accelerate Workflows with Sensitive Data Discovery

Immuta’s sensitive data discovery and classification help organizations across every industry simplify operations, improve data security, and unlock data’s value. With automated data discovery, you can:

Gain faster access to data and insights

Get full visibility into your data assets

Improve collaboration across security, platform, and governance teams

Secure data management at scale

Sensitive Data Scanning & Classification

Discover sensitive data from millions of fields without manual effort. With 60+ pre-built and domain-specific classifiers, you can tailor data classification to your unique business needs based on your desired confidence level.

Automated Data Tagging

Enable different teams to inspect tags through workflows that certify data has been properly identified and tagged.

Covering the Full Data Security Spectrum

Discovering, tagging, and classifying your sensitive data is the first step in unlocking more value from your data. Now what?

Knowing what sensitive data you have, where it resides, and how it is being accessed and used can help pinpoint potential risks, so you can put the right access controls in place to protect it. Immuta makes sure you can easily do it all – without sacrificing speed, utility, or security.

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Unlock Your Data

“What if all those organizations could just create those rules, save it and be able to know in an auditable way that those rules are being followed. That’s what Immuta does for us.”

Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson Josh Wilson

improvement in process efficiency


enhancement in analytics by using sensitive data securely


Automation of data requests for 6000 analysts


growth in users accessing data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data discovery and classification?

Data discovery and classification is a multi-step process aimed at providing a more detailed understanding of user data. Data discovery tools assess the data environment and identify data source locations. Next, the data is classified, using predefined parameters to identify and label certain data types that reside in these sources. Immuta’s sensitive data discovery feature automatically assesses incoming data, classifying sensitive data in columns as tags.

What are the most common types of data classification?

Sensitive data is any data that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. If unintentionally exposed, sensitive data may have significant legal and/or ethical ramifications for both the data owner and the data subject. Data teams are compelled to protect sensitive data using data access solutions tools to appropriately permit or restrict data use, and to safeguard it from internal and external leaks and breaches.

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