Data ScientistsGet fast, personalized access to
data at the speed of AI.

Easily access data in your storefront.

Immuta provides rapid, personalized access to all data, no matter the underlying format or storage technology. You can access and analyze all the data you need, dramatically improving the creation, deployment, and auditability of machine learning and AI.

All your data in one place, no matter the type.

No need to keep track of multiple credentials. All your data can be accessed quickly and easily in one place, including structured and unstructured data. And Immuta can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or both - giving you the flexibility to connect and control data from anywhere.

Work with data using any tool, any language.

Our platform allows complete code portability and access to data in any programming language. Through our SQL, Filesystem, and HDFS access patterns, easily work with the exact tool you need, when you need it. Don’t ever let compliance or IT architecture issues dictate the way data science gets done again.

Work together in projects, confidently.

Immuta Projects™ are a secure collaboration space where users can access and share data and scripts while working towards a specific goal. Meanwhile, data governance professionals can set policies on how data within each project is used, enabling data science activities to succeed quickly and worry-free.