Immuta + Alation

Data Access Control + Data Catalog for End-to-End Security

Together, Alation and Immuta enable you to discover, classify, protect, enforce, and audit data policies in Snowflake, Databricks, and other cloud data platforms.

Accelerate secure data access

Immuta + Alation: Simplifying Privacy Controls for Snowflake

Step-by-step explaination of how to integrate Immuta's data access controls with Alation's enterprise data catalog to seamlessly create and enforce privacy controls across Snowflake data sets. Watch the demo.


Benefits of this partnership

Alation and Immuta Integration

Immuta’s data security platform is integral and complementary to Alations’ mission to empower a curious and rational world and that organizations make decisions based on data and not gut feel. Immuta and Alation help stakeholders collaborate easily to gain value from the data while securing data access for all data consumers.

Data Access Control

Ensure every data consumer has the right level of access to the right data, without making copies, maintaining complex roles, or hiring additional admins.

Dynamic Data Masking

Remove the guesswork from data privacy protection techniques. Now you can manage access control while ensuring continual compliance with federal, industry, employment, and contractual regulations -- without copying, moving, or manually anonymizing your data.

  • Premier partner
  • Discover and classify sensitive data to build data policies
  • Easily facilitate stakeholders collaborations

We’re kindred spirits in many ways. Our value proposition, in fact, the language that we’re using is very similar, putting the right data in the right hands at the right time.

Mitesh Shah VP of Market Strategy, Alation

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