Control Data Access Chaos

Safely unlock your data’s potential by accelerating secure data access

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With Immuta, data access is trusted, simple, scalable, and automated.

Make it safe...
  • Enforce data policies
  • Prove data compliance
  • Protect your brand from data leaks
Make it simple...
  • Reduce data policies by 75x
  • Author plain language data policies
  • Empower more teams to manage data policies
Make it fast...
  • Access data faster by eliminating manual approval requests
  • Comply with regulations and prove compliance fast
  • Reduce dependence on IT

Stay ahead of the curve on the latest data trends with Immuta

  • Implement future-proof methods and tools that are critical for properly leveraging data
  • Democratize access to achieve safe and efficient data usage across an organization
  • Offer the flexibility necessary to scale policies and controls alongside evolving data
  • Monitor and audit data activity to ensure compliance with rules and regulations
Stay ahead of the curve on the latest data trends with Immuta

#1 Platform for managing data access

Immuta's Data Access Platform integrates with your cloud data platform to discover, secure, and monitor your data to ensure that users have fine-grained access to data.

Immuta is the go-to technology to implement our vision of an internal “Data & Analytics Marketplace”, enabling full transparency on the relevant data assets with secure and compliant data access.

Walid Mehanna
Walid Mehanna
Head of Data & Analytics

Databricks opens up many opportunities for self-service data analytics, data science, and enterprise reporting. Paired with Immuta, we can make all our data available to all types of business analysts, data scientists and data engineers.

Ajay Sahu
Ajay Sahu
Director of Enterprise Data Management