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Meet Michele Chambers

Michele is the CMO of Immuta, whose mission is to make the future of data secure. She is known for her marketing, product management, and sales leadership in product and growth focused data and ML companies. Michele is passionate about helping customers achieve their data security goals in order to maximize the value from their data assets.

Michele Chambers profile

Topics of Interest

Data Security

Being an old database person, we would never think to architect a solution without data security. Yet in our collective rush to migrate to the cloud, companies are doing just that and forgetting the core principles that data has to not only be available but also trusted. The data must be reliable as more business decisions rely on sophisticated machine learning which is predicated on data integrity.

Advanced Analytics

Using a combination of advanced analytics techniques - statistics, machine learning, simulation, and optimization - can unlock huge opportunities for businesses to drive top line growth and/or significant cost saving. However, there remains a gap in applied knowledge - people with a combination of domain expertise that understand the business in depth and technology expertise that understand math and computer science to solve these problems in innovative new ways. Helping people understand the art of the possible is a real passion that requires imagination and a bit of bravado to try new things that may fail.

Distributed & High Performance Computing

Today there is virtually unlimited computing power. So tasks that were impossible just 5 years ago are achievable today using a combination of every advancing hardware and computing techniques. And once quantum computing becomes accessible, the entire world of computing will be forever disrupted.

About Michele

Michele is the CMO of Immuta.

Michele has built and managed startup teams and worked in Fortune 50 companies. Her guiding principle is that no one wins unless the entire team wins. Defining a strategy, aligning the team, and then moving into action to execute the plan in a repeatable and scalable fashion is the hallmark of Michele's success. She has driven company strategy, led product management and software development, and built high performing sales and marketing teams.

Michele has books published by Wiley and Pearson FT Press on Big Data and Modern Analytics. Her most recent book is Breaking Data Science Open by O’Reilly.

Michele holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Nova Southeastern University and an M.B.A. from Duke University. Michele is naturally curious and is a lifelong learner. She loves to share her knowledge and help others to succeed.

2022 - Present

Immuta, CMO


Amazon, Head Account Technology


JP Morgan Chase, Executive Director


Anaconda, EVP Anaconda BU & CMO


RapidMiner, President & COO


Revolution Analytics, Chief Strategy Officer


Netezza/IBM, GM & VP Big Data Analytics


About Immuta

Immuta is the market leader in Data Access, providing data teams one universal platform to control access to analytical data sets in the cloud. Only Immuta can automate access to data by discovering, securing, and monitoring data. Data-driven organizations around the world trust Immuta to speed time to data, safely share more data with more users, and mitigate the risk of data leaks and breaches. Founded in 2015, Immuta is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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