Trino Data Governance

Immuta’s integration with Trino, which also works with Starburst, helps organizations automatically secure and govern sensitive production analytics and data science projects. For organizations that work with highly sensitive data — from global banks, to healthcare and life sciences, to government agencies, to tech and consumer brands — Immuta plus Trino or Starburst is the modern solution for maximizing data utility and data security.

Access Control

Apply dynamic row-level security, column-level data masking and cell-level protection.

Data Masking

Discover and protect sensitive data for use.

Data Catalog

Enable democratized, subscription-level data access with always-on security and access control.


Fine-Grained Access Control

Securing analytics data is often a manual effort requiring data copies, manually stripping out or anonymizing sensitive information and using plugins to provision catalog or role-based access to data. With Immuta, you can now dynamically apply row-level security, column-level security and data masking, and cell-level data protection to secure sensitive data without copying it, building custom plugins or managing role-based access. Immuta’s modern, attribute-based access controls (ABAC) are dynamically enforced on queries in Trino, providing fine-grained access control over sensitive data while reducing risk from data leaks or non-compliance with organizational policies.


Dynamic Data Masking

Data engineers must ensure analytics data and data use is compliant with complex, growing sets of regulatory and business rules. Immuta and Trino provide a dynamic approach to sensitive data classification, discovery and protection using advanced math-based data masking, randomization and anonymization techniques that are fully auditable. Policies can be enforced based on geography, time duration, user attributes such as clearance level and more, without copying data or managing hundreds of roles.


Self-Service Data Catalog

While the market is filled with offerings that claim to provide a unified data catalog, most do not enable true self-service, subscription-based access to live data due to the inherent security risks. Immuta’s active data catalog is built on a strong security foundation with always-on governance and access control. As a result, Trino analysts and data scientists can use Immuta to search, explore and subscribe to data sources. Immuta is always working in the background to ensure local and global data policies are applied dynamically to Trino queries.

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