Immuta for Government

Immuta for Government

Accelerating government data science programs.

We have decades of experience working in the intelligence community, and we understand the challenges of data science within governments firsthand. IT infrastructure, data access, and legal and policy constraints make it almost impossible to operationalize data. Immuta is purpose-built to break down barriers between public-sector departments and agencies to allow for easy, fast and highly-secure use of organizational data.

Julie modified the data source policy to allow Alex full access to the data source “Suspicious Activity Reports.” Alex requested to see all of the data in the data source “Suspicious Activity Reports.” Dan added the data source “Suspicious Activity Reports” and the script “Anomolous Event Detection.”

Collaborate with confidence.

Sharing algorithms can expose sensitive data and security logic, leaving critical data at risk of being seen by the wrong person or used for the wrong reason. Immuta’s metadata-based policies let data scientists operationalize their models without exposing sensitive data. You can control exactly how data appear to different algorithms and different users, along with the specific purposes it can be used for.

Simplify compliance for analytics.

Immuta provides a means for compliance officials to review metadata being used within an algorithm, and demonstrate the policies on that data. As policies change, you can export reports to reassess risks and recommend changes in controls on the algorithm and data. You can also run tests against policies on the data to see what the data would look like going into the model.

Enforce dynamic data policies in real time.

Immuta provides a single policy enforcement layer that applies policies on data without having to write code. This allows non-technical users to build and enforce complex policies on any data source. As data policies or regulations change, you can instantly update rules without having to update code or modify your algorithms.

Eliminate the risk of digital transformation.

Government organizations face constant turnover in databases, analytic tools, and computing languages. Immuta’s virtual control plane allows you to connect into any system and analyze your data using any tool or computing language. You can select any tool over time without worrying about vendor lock-in or becoming dependent on any one platform.

Organizations with the most sensitive data on the planet rely on Immuta.

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