Immuta for Finance

Immuta for Finance

Fueling the AI revolution in financial services.

Advanced data science is revolutionizing the financial services industry, but slow data access, confusing internal data policies, and regulatory requirements are putting these advancements at risk. Immuta provides a single access point for all your data and automated governance controls, eliminating the friction between data scientists, data stewards, and compliance personnel, and accelerating innovation.

Instantly access high-value data using any tool, any language.

Immuta provides a unified access point for all your data across access patterns that support various levels of workloads. This not only allows data scientists and analysts to have a single point of entry for any tool they choose, but also provides a consistent layer for data policy enforcement and audit.

Enforce data controls without code.

Manual data governance, policy enforcement, and regulatory reporting cost financial institutions billions of dollars annually, from unnecessarily high operating expenses to regulatory fines. Immuta allows governance teams to enforce regulations directly on data without the need for new memos, new meetings, or new code. You can also track who is using what data, when, and for what purpose using “projects” within Immuta.

Connect and control data at a massive scale on Apache Spark.

Financial service use cases require large workloads at the Terabyte scale, but also require complex policy controls on the data. While Apache Spark is well-suited for these workloads, it’s limited to enforcing basic controls on the data. With Immuta, you can execute Spark at scale while enforcing highly complex controls on the data without having to write any code.

Achieve transparency and flexibility.

Regulators are requiring increased transparency into what data is being used, when, and for what purposes, from overarching laws like the EU’s GDPR and MiFID II to model risk management (MRM) regulations like the FRB’s SR 11-7. Immuta gives you self-service access to data while remaining compliant with any data regulation. And as future regulations evolve to support ML/AI, Immuta will let you adapt to new requirements without the need for new code, new tools, or new hardware.

Immuta operationalizes data with radical transparency, precision, and scale.

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