Features for Governance Professionals

Governance Professionals

Control your data environment.

Apply complex policies to data.

Our Data Policy Engine™ simplifies the creation of data policies through easily readable, simple-to-build rules. You can quickly deploy the most sophisticated data policies on the market, from advanced masking techniques to differential privacy, enabling compliance with the most stringent data regulations on the planet.

Unleash the power of differential privacy.

Our platform is the industry’s first solution to apply differential privacy to any database, in any organization, on the fly – allowing you to extract maximum value from sensitive data sets while providing mathematical guarantees of the privacy of personally identifiable information.

Learn more about how Immuta applies differential privacy.

Fraud Detection
Internal Research
Breach Detection
to use the data and scripts associated with this project for the purpose of Internal Research only.

Enforce purpose-based data restrictions.

Immuta’s Data Policy Engine™ includes data restrictions based on purpose, ensuring that specific datasets are only accessed for the right reasons – a key component of the EU’s GDPR. Maintaining visibility into how your data is being used has never been so simple.

Download our Sample GDPR Memo.

Monitor all activities across your data environment.

Immuta generates instant alerts, allowing you to monitor changes to data policy or entitlements. All data activities are captured in Immuta’s rich audit logs, which can be used for insider threat forensics, to understand data usage and value, and more.

Generate instant, custom reports.

Build customizable reports on users, data sources, projects, and policies – giving immediate insight into how data is being used across your organization. Reports are instantly exportable to Microsoft Excel, making the process of proving compliance simple and quick.

“Immuta has removed the complexity and liability from our machine learning models.”