Features for Data Owners

Data Owners

Securely connect, manage,
and monitor your data.

Connect your data easily.

Rapidly connect to data from any storage technology to create virtual, centrally accessible views of data. Our platform can connect to data wherever it’s stored – on premise, in the cloud, or both – and all raw data stays protected where it is, without the need for a data migration.

Control who can see your data, and how.

Immuta’s proprietary policy-enforcement techniques enable “data personalization,” which allows our platform to dynamically change how the data appear based on user entitlements, policies, and purposes – all while ensuring prescribed levels of data utility.

Apply data controls in real time.

Immuta enforces complex policies on data at read time without altering the underlying raw data, opening up a whole new world of data management and control. As a result, data users will only need to access data through our single, hyperscale virtual data control plane.

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Monitor your data.

All data activities are captured in Immuta’s logs, including access requests, approvals, reads, SQL statements, and changes in project membership. These rich audit logs can be used for insider threat forensics, to understand data value, data usage pricing, and more.

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“Immuta gives you total control over the data that fuels your predictive models.”