Deployment Options

We believe that all data should be protected no matter where it resides. Immuta was architected to run anywhere as a fully containerized solution in the cloud, on prem, or both, to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Public Cloud

For customers who store their data in the cloud, Immuta can be run in the cloud. Today, Immuta supports storage and analytics services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Managed Cloud

Immuta Managed Cloud provides all the benefits of Immuta without having to deploy and manage it yourself. You get all the features of Immuta’s award-winning Automated Data Governance platform with fast deployment, performance management, streamlined upgrades, and proactive support.

Hybrid Cloud

Immuta supports a hybrid model for larger organizations that want to deploy Immuta across both their on-prem and cloud infrastructure. This hybrid model supports all the integrations you see for cloud and on-prem deployments.


For customers operating exclusively in their own data centers, Immuta supports three deployment scenarios, and connects to a variety of storage solutions.

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