Catalog Your Data

Because Immuta continuously enforces your policies, users can access data in true self-serve fashion — and get only what they’re allowed to see.

Data Catalog

Data users can discover and access data directly through Immuta’s data catalog. For any data source, they can curate metadata, understand lineage, view what policies are applied and why, and share their queries.

Any Tool, Any Language

Through Immuta’s SQL, Filesystem, HDFS, and Spark access patterns, data users can continue to use their tool of choice to access any underlying storage technology. With no API, users can use Immuta to “talk” to the data like they always have.

Streamlined Request Workflows

Immuta makes it easy for users to request access to data, request to have sensitive values unmasked, and propose new projects. These built-in workflows remove the manual, ad-hoc approval flows that typically take months of meetings and decisions.

Protected Sharing

Analysts can share code and analysis without having to pass around data and connection credentials. Because everyone is referencing the data through Immuta, users see only what they are allowed to see.

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