Audit & Compliance

Immuta’s single, unified enforcement layer gives you immediate insight into how data is being used, making it easy to prove compliance and make intelligent policy decisions.

Scalable Global Policies

Author policies that reference metadata catalogs or business glossaries instead of physical tables and columns. This means you can create a policy once and enforce it dynamically across all data sources.

Unified Audit Logs

All actions in the Immuta control plane are monitored and logged in one place. This includes requests and access to data, policy changes, how data is being used, precise queries executed by users, and more.

Automated Reports

Which users have accessed a specific data source? What purposes has a dataset been used for? Immuta reports are built to answer these questions as well as virtually any compliance query you might have.

Data Usage Agreements

You can require users to affirm formal, customizable data usage agreements when needed, which Immuta then captures and logs.

Lineage & Policy Inheritance

Creating new data from existing protected data is a compliance risk. What protections should the new data have? Who can see it? Immuta solves this problem by passing on the policies from the original sources.

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