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News Release: Immuta Expands Governance, Risk, and Compliance Expertise to Help Global Enterprises Build Legal and Ethical Data Science Programs

Former RBC Chief Operational Risk Officer Joins Immuta to Help Regulated Enterprises Transform GRC Into an Innovation Accelerant Read the full press release here.

A Former Chief Operational Risk Officer for a Global Fortune 300 Bank on Why He Joined Immuta

“How does working for a software start-up compare to working for a massive financial institution?” I’ve been asked this question countless times since joining Immuta a few months ago as its Vice President of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Well, two months isn’t a lot of time to base a conclusion, but superficially, it’s not all...

Data Governance Anti-Patterns [Part III]: The Copy & Paste Data Sharing Method

(This Is Part Three of Our “Data Governance Anti-Patterns Series,” Part II Can Be Found Here). Anti-patterns are behaviors that take bad problems and lead to even worse solutions.  In the world of data governance, they’re everywhere. Today’s anti-pattern probably isn’t thought of as a “pattern” at all because it feels so obvious, and (on...