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News Release: Immuta Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Data Science Adoption, Reduces Risk, and Can Lower Costs By More Than 60%

Today Immuta unveiled new features that can dramatically reduce the cost and risk of running data science programs in the cloud. The company also announced the creation of a new business unit dedicated to building managed cloud-services for its customers. Read the full press release here.

Immuta 2.3: A Low-Risk, Low-Cost Way to Move Data Science Ops to the Cloud

Lifting and shifting data science operations to the cloud is expensive and risky. Immuta 2.3 – available today – can help save you over 60% of cloud infrastructure costs while enforcing privacy controls across all of your enterprise data.   How do we do it? As part of Immuta’s 2.3 release, we’ve expanded Database/Hadoop/Spark data...

Introducing Immuta 2.3

Over the past year we’ve seen our larger enterprise customers across regulated industries start to utilize the power of the cloud to accelerate their data science programs. These users are drawn to the cloud’s elastic nature, along with the ability to quickly experiment with powerful new storage, compute services and machine learning frameworks to drive...