Pumpjack Dataworks Drives Scalable Success with Immuta

As the world’s leading fan data platform, Pumpjack Dataworks allows sports teams, venues, and even leagues to simplify their data management and leverage the full potential of their fan data.

In order to truly unlock the value of this fan data, however, Pumpjack Dataworks required data access controls that could ensure only the right people were seeing the right data at the right times. What’s more, they required a solution that could orchestrate secure policies simply and scale alongside their organization’s needs.

“What we really were excited to use Immuta for is the fact that we don’t have to write a ton of different one-off things, adding individual people to various different lists.”
– Noa Harnik, Head of Data, Pumpjack Dataworks

Regarding the plain language policy creation and orchestration of Immuta’s data access platform, Harnik declared “I was blown away by how simple it is.” With the ability to easily discover, secure, and monitor sensitive data within an organization’s data stack, Immuta provides ease of use and efficiency to customers like Pumpjack.

“You don’t want to be messing around with data governance or anonymization on your own” noted Harnik. With Immuta and Databricks, Pumpjack achieves successful data governance and continues to drive client success around the sports world. Here’s what Harnik has to say about Pumpjack’s experience with Immuta in their own words:


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