Immuta and Dataiku Announce Integrated Solution for Rapid and Compliant Access to Highly Regulated Data for Data Science Programs

Dec 20, 2017

One of the most important issues that Congress will face in 2018 is how and when to regulate our growing dependence on artificial intelligence (AI). During the U.S. National Governors Association summer meetings, Elon Musk urged the group to push forward with regulation “before it’s too late,” stating that AI was an “existential threat to humanity.”

Hyperbole aside, there are legitimate concerns about the technology and its use. But a rush to regulation could exacerbate current issues, or create new issues that we’re not prepared to deal with along the way.

 More specifically, the solution to the issues posed by AI — described by Musk and by others — doesn’t lie in AI itself, but the data it uses. As a result, any legislation solution to these challenges needs to be focused on the data itself. But before we can draft legislation to address AI, there are some other factors regulators need to consider first.

About Immuta

Immuta was founded in 2014 based on a mission within the U.S. Intelligence Community to build a platform that accelerates self-service access and control of sensitive data. Immuta’s award-winning automated data governance software platform creates trust across security, legal, compliance, and business teams so they can work together to ensure timely access to critical business data with minimal risks. Its automated, scalable, no code approach makes it easy for users to access the data they need, when they need it, while protecting sensitive data and ensuring their customers’ privacy. Immuta is headquartered in College Park, Maryland.