Observations from Coast to Coast

Last week our team had the pleasure of speaking at events throughout Silicon Valley and New York City. We engaged in a wealth of thought provoking discussions with industry leaders from coast to coast, and wanted to take a moment to share some of our observations from our time on the road.

Silicon Valley

Our executive team, CEO Matt Carroll, CTO Steve Touw, CCO Andrew Gilman, and VP Solution Architecture Rich Kucharski, were humbled to present at 9th Annual Bank of America Technology Summit in Silicon Valley. We saw the future of banking, and the good news is that Data Management for Data Science – connecting data, controlling data and complying automatically with global regulations – really is a key enabler for the bank’s future. The event drew from the world’s most innovative companies together with the bank’s leadership to discuss pain points, roadmaps, and opportunities to provide a better customer experience through the use of AI. We were also introduced to Erica, Bank of America’s new AI-powered bot that combines predictive analytics and cognitive messaging to help customers like us do things like make payments, save money, check balances, and pay credit cards. With a huge project focus on AI, Financial Wellness, Distributed Ledger, Digital Identity and Self-Directed Advice, we’re extremely impressed by the bank’s willingness to adopt emerging technology to help accelerate the vision for personalized banking.

NYC Meetup & Predictive Analytics World (PAW) for Business

Back from a week full of talks in NYC, our CPO Andrew Burt focused on the intersection between machine learning and regulation. Andrew spoke at Predictive Analytics World, for example, in a talk entitled “Regulating Opacity: Solving for the Conflict Between Laws and Analytics.” Predictive Analytics Timesconducted a pre-talk interview on the subject of data governance that’s also available here.

Andrew also gave a shorter version of this talk at a meetup we co-hosted with Dataiku alongside Kenneth Sanford, an analytics architect at Dataiku. In an unexpected twist, Kenneth (a PhD economist) covered the ways that GDPR is going affect the data science industry while Andrew (a lawyer) talked about the details of governing machine learning. Overall, the talk went well – and we recieved fun, thoughtful questions on a vexing subject.

DataEng Conference, NYC

Our Director of Data Science, Jim Klucar, held a talk that examined “Privacy Techniques for Data Science” at DataEng in NYC. We were pleased to discover that more and more people are interested in differential privacy – so guess the word is getting out! Our live demo showcased the difference between standard access of a SQL database and Immuta’s Differential Privacy enabled SQL access, which garnered great feedback and provided a concrete view of what differential privacy can and can’t do. Even more, we showed a query that examined how Immuta looks at a differential privacy query internally to measure sensitivity, which drove home the fact that differential privacy is real in Immuta and no longer just an academic experiment. We were pleased to see that conference-goers were also interested in the adversarial attack of neural networks, which we will dive deeper into in the future.