AI + Regulations + Data = A Big Opportunity for Cloud-Based Data Science

Now that I’m a month into my Boston-based tenure at Immuta, and we’ve just launched some powerful cloud-centric platform additions, I thought I’d shed some light on the mission I chose to accept, and why it’s important to our current and prospective customers and partners.

First, some background…

Observing things has always been a hobby of mine, and I’ve allowed that skill to develop to a point at which it now directs the choices that I make in life and at work. I got started in the software industry as an industry analyst, which triggered a series of career choices one could classify as instinctive, lucky, or informed. Two companies ago I joined a Big Data startup, but soon discovered that the market wasn’t quite ready for cloud. Subsequent to that, I joined a cloud startup, but, at the time, Big Data wasn’t really ready for cloud (that has since changed). Both of these were amazing cultural and educational experiences and led me where I am today.

Why Immuta?

The intersection of AI, machine learning, and regulatory compliance is the basis for why Immuta is such an exciting opportunity. Compounding this convergence is the natural evolution of data creation and consumption, the drive to hybrid, the explosion of data created and collected at the edge, and last but not least, the demand for (and requirement for) compliant data access and control.

New regulations such as the EU GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act hold businesses accountable for what they are doing with information related to consumers. In other cases, high profile consumer internet companies may not have broken any laws, but it’s less debatable that they may have crossed some ethical boundaries. Could any of this have been prevented with a better approach to data management? Also, artificial intelligence/machine learning will no doubt power the next generation of products and technologies, but as a segment, is finding itself in a game of “chicken” with increasing consumer concern and new regulations.

My experience will help me help Immuta as public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) becomes the battleground for much of this action.

What’s Next?

Consistent data access and compliant control across a hybrid data environment will be essential as the market evolves. Our customers will want to run Immuta across their systems, whether on premise, on cloud, or more likely, both. Our platform can run wherever the data lives (mostly due to data gravity), however, Immuta isn’t yet a pure SaaS offering. Today, we have customers running their data science programs using Immuta on their public cloud infrastructures. In the coming months, I am on a mission to standardize our approach to cloud-based delivery and distribution, and expect we’ll announce a number of cloud-native integrations that will simplify life for our customers even further.

To address these market dynamics, the Immuta Cloud Business Unit will focus on developing solutions that address the needs of customers that run their data infrastructure on public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Over time, cloud-native managed services will become the fabric through which Immuta clients engage their data and risk management capabilities.

Immuta couldn’t be better positioned for long term success. We have an amazing, proven product, happy (and compliant) customers, and a wide-open future. I encourage you to follow our progress via Twitter and LinkedIn. And, if you’re up for an adventure, come join the team.