Introducing Immuta Managed Cloud: Automated Data Governance for the Masses

A guiding principle for the Immuta’s Cloud Business Unit is that cloud should be considered something that you do, and not somewhere that you go. We also believe the cloud isn’t merely a destination for data or applications. We understand that our customers are fundamentally changing their business when they adopt cloud, not just as a technology platform, but as a cultural shift for their organization. “Cloud” may be best known as something that organizations like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have built huge businesses around, but what isn’t discussed often enough is the people and process impact that a cloud strategy brings to a business.  Because of this, cloud sometimes gets a bad rap… the most common complaints being that it’s too expensive, or that it’s not secure.  However, for the most part, if cloud is adopted with the right strategy, the right architecture, and the right organizational support, it can be a technology marvel and cultural shift that can alter the trajectory of a business for the better. 

With this backdrop in mind, Immuta has developed a cloud-native offering that caters to the evolving needs of our customers, and provides them with the technical choice, the economic flexibility and an operating model that is consistent with the way that they want to run their businesses.  Fundamentally, our customers want to buy Immuta, pay for Immuta, deploy and manage Immuta in the same way that they do their infrastructure. 

Today we announced Immuta Managed Cloud: a managed service that provides customers all the benefits of the Immuta platform without having to deploy and manage the system themselves. Immuta Managed Cloud comes in two versions to cater to the diverse needs of the market. 

  • Immuta Professional: An organization can acquire the Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform the same way it does its cloud infrastructure. Immuta Professional is available as a monthly subscription, or at no cost for four users or less, which gives organizations of all sizes the opportunity to realize the benefits of secure and governed data in the cloud.  Try Immuta Professional for yourself here
  • Immuta Enterprise: Available this summer, Immuta Enterprise is designed for organizations that wish to deploy Immuta across multiple regions or locations, and that may require the highest levels of Immuta Customer Support. 

These offerings reinforce the commitment that we make to our customers to offer best-in-class automated data governance solutions no matter where they store their data. Part of that commitment is to constantly seek additional ways to delight customers, and with this release we’re making it dramatically simpler to try, buy, deploy and manage Immuta as part of a best-of-breed data management architecture.  We’re also making it simpler for customers that are considering cloud to create consistent data governance and data access controls across a hybrid estate and during a cloud migration. 

Architecturally, we’re keeping it simple. By deploying directly into the customers’ AWS VPC, customers can start interacting with their data without having to move the data or leverage a third party network.  We’ve made it easy to use with enhanced product tours built directly into the application that will allow customers to learn about and engage with the software before reading any documentation. We’ve also made it much simpler to manage and configure Immuta through our user interface.  This allows customers to configure email notifications, hook up their identity management system, such as Cognito or Okta, for example, and configure external catalogs such as BigID or Collibra – all with a few clicks of a button.

In addition to simplifying adoption, we’re also making Immuta available to a far broader community of customers, which gives any organization the opportunity to leverage its data in a legal and ethical manner.  For those customers that have smaller businesses, but no less sensitive data than their larger contemporaries, Immuta now offers a free tier for organizations that have under five users. This means that startups can leverage Immuta, but so can departments of larger businesses, or any organization that wants to try Immuta before making a financial commitment. Immuta’s quickly growing partner ecosystem also benefits from Immuta Professional as they now have a streamlined way to train on and test against Immuta. We are democratizing automated data governance for the vast majority of the market. 

AWS is the logical platform for these new offerings.  With the broadest customer adoption and an extensive Marketplace offering, most of our current and future customers will have the ability to trial or use Immuta within their AWS environment.  Even if AWS isn’t the final deployment destination for Immuta (we support all cloud and on-premise platforms), customers can use the free offering to run self-paced trials that can help inform whether Immuta is right for their business needs. 

We’re excited to make this offering available to the market and encourage you to give Immuta a try today.

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