Immuta and FactGem: Accelerating Data Analysis and Innovation

At Immuta, we understand the complexities of data analysis within secure, regulated enterprises. Data science within these environments can be extremely challenging—and sometimes nearly impossible. To meet these challenges, we developed a cutting-edge, unified data governance platform where data scientists and data owners can easily access and work with high-value data.

Through the Immuta platform, our customers can access their data all in one place, anywhere, in any format, and set complex privacy and security policies to allow for responsible data collaboration and sharing. Our customers can analyze their data and innovate with ease, knowing that all their rules are dynamically enforced, making good governance a seamless experience for data science teams

Immuta’s software provides an outstanding foundation for many analytical tools. So we’ve set out to partner with the most cutting edge companies we can find in this space. One of those companies is our new partner, FactGem.

FactGem is a platform that allows users to generate their own visualization and analysis applications on top of Neo4j, without the need to learn any other programming language. FactGem makes data analysis accessible to everyone, whether they’re a seasoned data scientist or completely new to data science.

Through the integration of our two platforms (see diagram below) users can access regulated data without worrying about the risk of violating policies. This enables users to gain insight into data without having to worry about writing code, requesting data engineering support, or repercussions for failing to add policies to data. This process dramatically accelerates innovation across teams, as the joint solution provides an end-to-end self-service mechanism for analysts to exploit the most important data within an organization.



As the only unified data governance platform on the market, we at Immuta are committed to enhancing data analysis, data collaboration, and data innovation for global enterprises that work with regulated data. Through our partnership with FactGem, our customers can more accurately uncover hidden layers through their graph capabilities. Together, we are safely removing the barriers of access to data and paving the way for deeper analytics so enterprises can make more informed decisions.